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Electric vehicles are playing an increasingly important role in the progression of our society to a more green, sustainable future. If you are considering getting an electric vehicle, or if you already have your own, the best way to keep it charged is to have an EV charger installed at home. Save yourself the hassle of having to go out of your way to find a public charging station by installing an EV charger at home, making it so much easier for you to keep your electric vehicle charged. The great news is that there are generous grants available to help you switch to greener energy.

Home EV Charger Products

At North East Electric Vehicle Charging, we install home EV charging points in Aberdeen and the whole of the north east of Scotland. We only install SMART EV Chargers, which are known for their high quality hardware, and also allow us to operate in line with new regulations for the sector. For home installations, we use 7kw single phase chargers with a full charge time of around 6-9 hours depending on the vehicle. These chargers are type 2 universal chargers that will work with all electric vehicles, and can be either tethered or untethered.

To keep in line with our premium level of service, we install chargers from reputable brands Pod Point, Evolt, Project EV, Rolec and EO. The home EV charger installation process can take any time from a few hours up to a full day. We also offer maintenance packages where we will install a replacement charger after an agreed time period, depending on each specific purchase.

Reasons to switch to electric cars?

  • You are helping  to reduce your carbon footprint
  • There are generous grants available to install a home EV charger point
  • You will be obliged to switch in the future – so why not do it now?
Home EV Charger

Install EV Charger at Home

For anyone looking to install an EV charger at home, we offer a full installation service covering you all the way from the initial consultation through to the final set up. It is our aim to make this process quick and simple for our customers, ensuring a stress-free experience for all.  In line with this, we are happy to guide you through all the funding options that are available to you and liaise with any other contractors that may be required for the job.  We will also be on hand to revisit the chargers if there are any issues that arise after the installation.

Workplace EV Charger

Workplace EV Chargers

If you are looking to encourage more of your employees to buy electric vehicles, then why not install some EV charging points at the office.

EV Charger Grant

Home EV Charger Grants

Check out our guide to the range of Grants available for the installation of EV charging points at your home. Get up to 100% off the cost of your installation.

Happy Customers

We had an EV charger installed this year for our company pool car.  Aberdeen Electricians assisted us through the process of applying for a business grant to assist with costs and we were successfully awarded this. The installation of the charger went without issue, communication was great from initial quotation visit through to installation. Work carried out on site was professional and adherent to our Contractor Procedures. We are very happy with the assistance we received through the process and the professional service throughout the installation.

Bilfinger Salamis (Nov 2020)

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